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MUSIC PUBLISHING has always been one of the most valuable assets in the music industry. Learning how to protect and increase the value of this asset is something we have learned from the largest, most important entities in the world in this field.  

Organizations such as the Harry Fox Agency, ASCAP, Sony and Universal Music Publishing have provided the best training ground for our staff and all that experience is poured in to developing the catalogues committed to our care.

Through our three publishing entities, Life's A Beach Music (ASCAP), Ernesto's Folly (BMI) and Babuu Bay Music (SESAC), the value of songs are maximized with active promotion for Film, TV, Ringtone, Mastertone, Mobile technology and other ancillary uses.

Worldwide administration is handled through an experienced network of publishers protecting the songs as well as seeking additional opportunities in each territory.

Life's a Beach (ASCAP)
Ernesto's Folly (BMI)
Babuu Bay Music (CESAC)
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