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While protecting your rights we maximize your income by actively licensing, claiming, counterclaiming for both masters and compositions, minimizing any unauthorized use of the content.  We also work with you to assess existing relationships and new opportunities within the entertainment field.



WORLDWIDE ADMINISTRATION is handled through an experienced network of publishers protecting the songs as well as seeking additional opportunities in each territory. At the same time, we maximize the value of songs by promoting within our own industry network, which includes content producers, film, and TV studios.  As with masters, our in-house system helps us claim, collect, and protect more effectively and ensures, whether it be synch rights on YouTube or unclaimed publishing rights on Spotify, the most efficient administration of all income generated from the moment the composition is used commercially. Learn more




A CENTURY OF MUSIC UNDER OUR CARE. We restore catalogues updating all their assets to current specifications including historically relevant metadata, cover artwork, audio, and video, maximizing its discoverability, engagement potential, protection and monetization.

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JOIN OUR MCN (Multi Channel Network), by becoming partners you will monetize your videos at the highest rate and benefit from a boost in reach, engagement, and level of monetization.  Our group of select partners generate more than 40 million views each month and have surpassed 2 billion views in the past 6 years alone. Our own YouTube channel has increased its total views fivefold during the same time-period. We also use this high-engagement ecosystem as a valuable marketing tool to cross-promote key releases. Our experienced team of video professionals can assist you with all matters related to the format and correct set-up to help you maximize your content’s value.



Our partners enjoy direct access to top streaming platforms allowing for full control over their music and profiles including errors on mapping, metadata, and rights claims. We optimize audio, art and metadata for the cleanest distribution to more than 600 digital platforms worldwide including streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube) and download stores (iTunes, Amazon). We provide a direct, precise and transparent method to claim, collect and protect all income generated from the moment the content is made public.



Each release is planned with the commitment to maximize its visibility by offering strategies that include data analysis, planning of marketing drivers, and social media advertising campaigns. We offer support in the creation of promotional content, including video, regardless of budget.




Ivan F. Alvarez

During his more than 10 year tenure as Senior Vice President, Latin America for Universal Music Publishing Group, Universal was named ASCAP’s Latin Publisher of the Year five times and Universal’s BMI company was ranked as Billboard’s number 1 music publishing company for the Latin market.

Mr. Alvarez also served as President of FLADEM (the Federation of Latin American Publishers) and was Director of Latin Membership for ASCAP.  Earlier in his career he also worked with the National Music Publisher’s Association and Harry Fox Agency negotiating synchronization licenses on behalf of its publishers.

Alvarez holds two degrees from New York University including an Associate in Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Accounting, and International Business. He also holds a Juris Doctor degree from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, which is consistently ranked in the top 10 in Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution Law Schools by U.S. News & World Report. His legal training includes International Law studies in Hong Kong.



Giselle Trainor

Ms. Trainor has enjoyed a prolific career as a producer and entertainment executive for the music, TV and film industries. She has been behind the successful careers of some of the most iconic artistic figures for the Hispanic and Ibero American markets. Her skills, abilities, and expertise in areas of production, A&R, marketing, and distribution come from 30 years of experience as artist manager and major record label executive at BMG, PolyGram, Warner, and Universal Music in Mexico and the US.

Before joining CdA, Ms. Trainor worked for 10 years in the independent film and TV industries in areas of marketing, distribution, acquisitions and video journalism.



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