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Piro, the Mexican rock pioneer, singer, songwriter, poet, producer, podcaster and lead vocalist of Ritmo Peligroso, released "Ordinary Man", his first solo music in more than 30 years. 

With a legacy that spans 4 decades, Piro first entered the scene as a teenager forming Dangerous Rhythm, the first ever punk band in Mexico in 1978, and releasing their self-titled album under producer Ricardo Ochoa (Alejandra Guzmán, El Tri, Los Tigres del Norte, Paulina Rubio, Ricky Martin) in 1981.

With the inevitable crossover appeal of digging into his musical roots, Dangerous Rhythm translated into Ritmo Peligroso incorporating Afro-Caribbean rhythms and percussions and spearheading the Rock en Español movement that still resonates with audiences of all ages throughout the Latin American region.


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