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NeoDance tells the story about the relationship between talent and passion, overcoming life’s greatest challenges, seizing opportunities and taking them to the next level. It is also a story about creating an impressive body of original work by following the path of dreams fanned by a true love of music and dance.

NeoDance is the brainchild of choreographer, successful entrepreneur and dancer, Alfred Friedman, professionally known as Mr. Dance™ and acclaimed Latin Grammy winner, Néstor Torres. Beautifully filmed on location in Miami, New York and Los Angeles, the striking choreographies unfold exquisite visuals presenting a new way of dancing the fluid fusion between the exuberant sensuality of Merengue and the passion of Tango.

One of the most memorable collaborations of the project was the contribution of the great and beloved Johnny Ventura who with his ingenuity, talent and creativity composed the lyrics based on the mythical battle between Tango and Merengue to conquer the beautiful Milonga.


Arrangement and production were done by acclaimed producer Jochy Sánchez who also participates on keyboards.

Other guest performances include Natti Natasha, Bachata duo 24 Horas, and Hip-Hop artist Joell Ortiz.


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