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Menudo was a Puerto Rican-based, Latino boy band that was formed in 1977 by producer Edgardo Díaz which became one of the biggest Latin boy bands in history, selling more than 20 million records worldwide.


It has been said that key to the success of Menudo was Mr. Diaz’s formula of signing up new members at the age of 12 and replacing them once they reached the age of 16 as their voices started to change. The band which had remained active until 2009, became the most popular Latin American group of the era and spun the careers of international superstars such as Ricky Martin, Robby Rosa and Charlie Massó.


“Menudomanía” became a global phenomenon as fans caught what they labeled as “Menuditis” driving Menudo to be the first boy band to break concert attendance records in Latin America, including Brazil. At the height of their popularity they were the first boy band to own their own private jet which had Menudo's name emblazoned on both sides of the fuselage. The jet had previously belonged to President Richard Nixon and the Shah of Iran.


Active members that participated in Menudo from 1987 to 1994 include:

Charlie Massó, Robby Rosa, Ricky Martin, Raymond Acevedo, Sergio Blass, Ralphy Rodríguez, Rubén Gómez, Angelo García, Robert Avellanet, Rawy Torres, Adrián Olivares, Edward Aguilera, Jonathan Montenegro, Alexis Grullón, Ashley Ruiz, Andy Blázquez, Abel Talamántez, and Ricky López.

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